Vintage Avion Trailer- Floors & Beds

vintage avion trailer

Vintage Avion Trailers

It has been a minute since I did any updates on the trailer and the progress with putting everything back together. But- we have gotten some things done- today is all about an update on the vintage Avion floors and beds.


I shared a peek at the new flooring we were putting in previously. It is a blond wood that closely matches the original cabinetry finish. One of the things that I loved about the Avion Trailer vs Airstreams was the solid wood that was lighter in finish. I love Airstreams too- don’t get me wrong- but they feel darker inside to in spite of having more windows. So, while looking, I kept coming back to this one.

vintage avion trailer inside

To find a similar finish that was not too yellow, not too brown, etc. – we took a door to Home Depot and found a couple that looked like they would work. Of course, the lighting in the trailer made a difference- we ended up going with the one we were least sure of in the store- because it looked the best in the trailer. I love how it has turned out.

Walls & Beds

vintage avion trailer stove

Yes indeed- the walls and beds are in place! You might remember we had pieces of parts from the original trailer when we bought it. The folks we bought from tossed some things unfortunately, but we had one bed frame part available to match along with cabinet doors.

bed inside vintage avion trailer

My husband used regular building supplies to frame the bed and then built a new base with birch plywood. The color isn’t quite an exact match as you can see so we may use an oil or something to try and get it to match a tad better. Or not. I don’t mind it actually.

1960 avion trailers

The corners being sharp where the wood came together were going to be an injury waiting to happen. He used a simple plain wood trim that was curved to create a softer spot to bump your toe or shin on if you were going to do it.

The Bathroom Walls

You can see that the back of the bed frames are actually part of the bathroom walls- so they went back in as well.

Before Avion Trailer

Remember where we started? It has changed just a bit.

Up Next

Up next- we are refreshing the interior walls a bit before we install sconces. I have been on the hunt for some vintage ones- so far, not finding any. Hardware too. We are missing a lot of latches, atc. If you know of anyone who has an old 1960’s trailer they are parting out and has lights- send them my way!

We are also going to tackle the front of the trailer- we don’t have the pieces for the dining table or benches to create a template unfortunately- so we are somewhat winging that one based off old photos. And then there is the bathroom- that should be a fun one to figure out haha. Will share more when we get more done soon. To see more of the BEFORE- You can find that HERE

What do you think of how this little 1960’s Avion is coming together?

Happy Tuesday all.