Cute Half Up Viking Style Braided Hairstyle

Do you like the Viking style braided hairstyles? If so, this half-up style is a fun version that gives you a little bit of the look without it taking hours to create. I love how simple but intricate this style looks. It’s going to change how you look at a half-up and half-down hairstyle!

woman in black shirt and blue skirt with long blonde hair in braids

Viking Braided Hairstyle

I have always loved the Viking braids, but they are often fairly intricate or use most of the hair on your head. That can be a bit much for a casual day or work day, so this is a great solution. This look combines a basic half-up hairstyle with braids that give you a unique look similar to a Viking-styled braid. It can be casual or upscale, depending on your needs and how you change things.

The braided side ponytail is another good idea if you want your hair fully pulled off your neck instead of just partial or half-up. There are tons of ways to create a unique hairstyle without taking a ton of extra time for it to happen!

half up viking style braids

What Do I Need to Create This Braided Hairstyle

For this hairstyle, you don’t need much. Truly, just a comb and hair ties, and you are set. I like using the small elastic hair bands for this style as they aren’t too bulky. Plus, you can definitely get them in different colors to give the style a new look every time you create this!

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I love this style and how easy it is, but you may have other ideas you want to create. Below are a few more of my favorite hair care items and tools that you may also want to consider having on hand. These are great for adding to your routine no matter what style you are creating!

Other Items I Love:

side of the viking style braids on a half up half down hairstyle

How to Create a Half Up Viking Style Braided Look

This look works best on straight hair but can be created with wavy or curled hair. Curled hair will probably need a bit more work to keep the bubbles even, but it will look amazing either way. You can do this with both freshly washed or dirty hair. In fact, it is a great choice for the day or two after you wash your hair when you want it pulled back but not in a messy bun.

Before you start styling your hair, take the time to comb or brush it out completely and remove any tangles. You can also spray with a setting spray to help hold the style in place and prevent fly away.

Step 1

Pull your hair up into a half-up ponytail, smoothing down the hair hanging down and securing the ponytail with a hair band.

woman putting hair up in half up ponytail style

Now, divide the hair in the ponytail into three sections. If needed, you can clip them apart, but mostly just start with one and make sure it is going to be the same size as the others.

half up ponytail in place

Step 2

Pick one of the outer sections, and then divide it into three sections and create a traditional 3-strand braid. Braid to the end of your hair and secure with an elastic hair band.

hair being braided on back of head

Repeat this process with the other outside section of hair, leaving just the middle section unbraided.

braiding hair on blonde

Step 3

Now, in the middle section, you will add a hair band about every 2″. You can add more or fewer, depending on the length of your hair.

tying elastic around the hair

Continue this to the end of the section of hair. If desired, you can loosen the bubbles a bit to give it more of a bubble-braid look.

blonde woman creating bubble braids in hair

Step 4

Next, pull the three sections together and connect them at the end with a ponytail holder or elastic band.

woman connecting braids with hair band

What Can I Add to This Braided Hairstyle To Make it Look Different?

I love how easy this is to do. The braids give a look that is similar to a Viking braid, without the hours of work. If you like this, but want to make it a bit more upscale or special, I think some of the fun ideas below would work great with this look.

  • Use different colored hair ties for each section on the bubble braid to create a rainbow look.
  • Weave a ribbon through the two outside braids for more color.
  • Separate the ponytail into 5 sections creating 2 braids on each side of the middle bubble braid.
  • Tie the end of the braids with a ribbon or special clip.
  • Add decorative pins or fake flowers to the braids or bubble sections for added style.
  • Leave some of the hair out of the braids at the end, then curl this and the ends of the rest of your hair to add some curls.
bubble braid between to 3strand braids

More Easy Hairstyles

If you need more ideas to create a beautiful look, we have you covered! Below are some incredible choices for styling your hair, no matter the length or texture. It’s a great way to expand on your regular routine and add something fun to your style. Make sure that you bookmark the ideas you like. You can also print out the tutorials with images, or pin them on a hairstyle board on Pinterest.

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back of half up viking braids on blonde woman in black shirt

This half up Viking style braided hairstyle is super easy to do and looks great on everyone! Ideal for long straight hair but can work with any texture of hair!

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes



Use different colored hair ties on each section of the bubble braid for five different looks.

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