Bold Beautiful Summer Table Under the Stars

summer tables

Those bold and beautiful saturated colors are perfect for a summer table setting. Whether you set up for a gathering indoors or out under the stars- using a pop of pretty with bold and beautiful colors is a perfect way to welcome guests and create a magical setting.

Summer Table Setting

This table was inspired by these beautiful coral blooms. I first thought of putting these arrangements on the table and adding a garland to the rock fireplace to echo the look. But while setting up the lion fountain and ivy wall talked to me and so, I decided to go in a different direction. I set the tablecloth aside for another setting- and grabbed both the garland and arrangements for creating the centerpiece.

close up of flowers on table

Tip: Use a mix of low and tall floral arrangements to create a table centerpiece with a whole lot of personality.

Layers of lovely and different heights

The garland sets the stage for a flower filled low layer on the table. This garland arrived this fluffed and beautiful- I literally just set it on the table and called it good.

bold flowers on the table

I tucked two arrangements in the garland to create a bit of drama with height. I love the gold vases they have as well- a lovely bit of glam that mingles perfectly with the pop of color.

Layers of Ambiance

Oh those layers of ambiance- they are really one of my favorite things about setting up for a gathering. I love creating a place for friends and family to gather and soak up a bit of magic! Twinkle lights, lanterns and candles are the go-to here.

summer table setting

Tip: For a whole lot of magic- use curtain lights in the background, lanterns or string lights overhead and candles tucked into the centerpiece at varying heights for ‘layers’ of ambiance.

table setting with flowers

No matter what the occasion you decide to celebrate or gather- creating a lovely table for friends and family to gather around this summer is something fun to do and it will create a whole lot of lasting memories.

For more inspiration for summer- you may love this spring and summer style table.

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