Wine tips for newbies: How to store your wines

If you’re a newbie, you may still be determining how to store your wine. A red wine storage cabinet and the like will retain the flavours and aroma of your wines. Furthermore, wine enthusiasts will invest in a dual-temperature wine fridge or any other storage item that will fit their wine storage needs. In addition, there is a wide variety of ways to store your luxury drinks, so choose the correct storage unit that is ideal for you.

Thermoelectric wine cooler

A thermoelectric wine cooler keeps the cool air inside the storage unit, and a fan distributes the cool air throughout the wine cooler. Furthermore, there is no risk of your wine freezing because the cooler does not create cool air like a refrigerator. In addition, this wine cooler is ideal as it does not make any noise since it does not operate with a motor; however, the fan may make a little noise, but not as much as a standard refrigerator. In addition, this wine cooler is beneficial as it is cost-efficient and does not use as much electricity as a standard refrigerator. Furthermore, the wine cooler does not vibrate, meaning no vibrations will alter the quality of your wine. However, a wine cooler has a small capacity of approximately 12 bottles. Therefore, it is an ideal storage unit if you don’t plan to keep more than a dozen bottles at a time. Furthermore, this wine cooler will take longer to cool your wine, and it is recommended to save this item in an area in your home that naturally maintains a cooler temperature.

Dual-temperature wine fridge

A dual-temperature wine fridge is a wine cooler with 2 (or sometimes 3, depending on which one you buy) different compartments. Each compartment will have a set temperature, making it ideal for your variety of wines and needs. For example, one compartment will chill the wine you plan on serving while the other will be at the perfect temperature for storing wine long term. Furthermore, different wines are best at their specific temperatures; for example, it is best to keep red wine at 12℃ and white wine at 9℃. In addition, this wine cooler has a much larger storage capacity than a thermoelectric wine cooler. Still, dual-temperature wine fridges come in various shapes and sizes, meaning you can find the perfect one to fit your needs.

Compressor wine coolers

Wine coolers with compressors are more common than other types of wine coolers. Furthermore, they can keep a steady temperature regardless of inconsistent external temperatures. Therefore, if you live in an area with drastic temperature changes, a compressor wine cooler is recommended over a thermoelectric wine cooler. In addition, compressor wine coolers commonly have much larger storage space. So if you plan on building up a wine collection, this storage item is the way to go.

Final Notes

Storing your wine in a wine cooler is the best option whether you’re a novice or an expert. Furthermore, depending on your preferences and plans for your wine journey, a wide range of wine coolers are available to meet your every need. So remember to find the best wine cooler to ensure the best quality for your favourite wines.