The Weekend View – French Country Cottage

Welcome to the weekend view.

This week is all about a new vintage treasure, blooming peonies and the greenhouse, a chicken named Romeo and fun with the grand babies.


One of our baby silkies has grown into a handsome and very sweet rooster named Romeo. We named him Romeo because he is a definite lover boy. He followed me right into the house one day and thought it was pretty amazing I guess because he loves hopping on the porch and making some noise until we open the door. He usually wanders in for a few blueberries or spinach leaves and then wanders back out.

Grand baby Fun

We did an early Mother’s Day dinner for family dinner yesterday. The babies were busy busy and Juliette was a wild woman playing in the pool and swinging with auntie Diem and cousin Enzo.

Jionni is about 4 months old now and is almost the same size as his cousin Enzo. They were adorable sitting together on the sofa in their striped jammies.


The peonies are blooming away in the garden and I am loving it. We have a few new varieties this year, but this one is a favorite. Look at all. those. ruffles.

Quiet Mornings

Now that the weather is sunny and not rainy- we have been enjoying coffee in the morning out in the garden. Sipping coffee by the foxgloves and the greenhouse while watching the sunrise is a lovely way to start the day.

Something Old, Something New

A new to me vintage treasure came home about a week ago. I shared a sneak peek of this new vintage detail in the greenhouse but will be doing a post with more about it soon.


This weeks wandering:

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Happy Mother’s Day weekendeveryone!