Summer Special Occasion Table – French Country Cottage

Summer is always a perfect time for a family gathering and for special occasions. Maybe you are celebrating an engagement or a birthday or anniversary. Whatever the occasion- setting a table that delights is key. And the setting goes beyond how the table is decorated- the location & the areas just beyond the table are also key when setting the stage for a dazzling gathering.

setting a summer table

Today, for our second post on inspiring entertaining ideas for June- I am breaking down a few tips for doing just that- and the best part is that it is so easy to do and to set up early-which means you can take your time rather than running around at the last minute

Summer Table Tips

close up of garlands

From pretty cloths to pretty place settings to the perfect centerpiece that is no fuss, setting a special table is always fun to do. And I have a few tried and true tips along with some secret weapons that I am sharing today.

Location, location, location

It isn’t just about real estate folks. Location matters when setting the stage for a table full of ambiance. For this one- it is set out on the lower patio under the oak tree. Just beyond in all directions are grassy meadow areas, a backdrop of trees and dappled sunlight so it is a perfect place for soaking up a bit of natural ambiance.

sunshine on a summer table setting

A simple Cloth and Garland Centerpiece

This is such a pretty way to enjoy a table that has a whole lot of lovely patina while also bringing out some of your favorite linens. Use a smaller or square cloth on a rectangle table for a similar look to this. Simply place it in the center of the table and add your place settings near the edges.

summer table close-up

For a no-fuss centerpiece- layer a faux floral garland down the center of the table and tuck in a few taper candles. For a little extra drama- let the garland fall the ground and puddle.

flowers on table

Add Ambiance

String lights, candles, lanterns- choose what speaks to you and layer it in your setting. On the table, overhead, in the background, etc.

summer table settings

Think outside the table

Remember when I said we were on a wine barrel mission? I was able to pick up some beautiful barrels to use as tables on the patio. I placed them in the corners and layered flowers on them for a pretty touch. The best part of these flowers? They will last all. summer. long. without any care. These are outdoor safe faux florals from Balsam Hill.

flowers on wine barrels

Create a special floral arrangement: These are so easy to create using faux flowers. I used a wreath as a base on the top of the barrel and then placed a hanging basket inside. Fluff and arrange and voila!


summer tables

I kept the place setting simple- white plates, lilac napkins, silver flatware and etched goblets. Of course you can razzle dazzle with place setting elements too- it’s all about personal style.

For more – you can see our bold and beautiful table here.

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Happy Summer Entertaining everyone!

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