Prices Revealed for ‘Rock the Block’ Season 4 Homes


“Rock the Block”

“Rock the Block” season 4 saw four teams of HGTV superstars – Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin from “Farmhouse Fixer”, Page Turner and Mitch Glew from “Fix My Flip”, Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle from “Luxe for Less”, and Bryan and Sarah Baeumler from “Renovation Island” – competed to complete the design and construction of four nearly identical homes in Berthoud, Colorado. With a starting value of $1,900,000 million and equal budgets of $250,000, each team was able to add nearly $1 million in value to their homes, with Michel and Anthony’s “Mountain Modern” home winning the competition with a $2,850,000 ending value.

Now, the completed homes have increased in value even more as finishing touches have been added by the construction company and the houses have been listed ahead of them being put up for sale, and Michel and Anthony’s home is no longer the most expensive of the four . See the prices of all four homes below.

‘Rock the Block’ Season 4 Homes Prices Revealed

Landmark Homes, the construction company behind the “Rock the Block” season 4 houses, shared links to each of the four completed homes with updated pricing from the season 4 finale.

The first house belongs to Jonathan and Kristina and comes in at a listed price of $3,250,000. Their “Modern Farmhouse” design includes a basement bunk room with enough beds for six people, as well as a built-in bocce court in the backyard, a black brick fireplace, and plenty of wood touches throughout the home that help bring the feeling of the Colorado nature indoors.

Page and Mitch’s “Alpine Chic” design comes in at $3,350,000. The “Fix My Flip” team maxed out on amenities and features in their design, with their home including three kitchens, a full indoor golf simulator, a library surrounding the living room’s fireplace, and an oversized chess set built directly into the backyard with alternating tiles made of stone and grass.

The next home listed was the work of Bryan and Sarah. Their “Aspen Chalet” has the highest listed price of the group, coming in at $3,450,000. The Baeumler’s house includes extensive stonework along both interior and exterior walls, a full spa throughout the lower level, and a massive Red Rocks Amphitheater-inspired fire pit that helped them win the exterior challenge during the season.

Michel and Anthony’s winning house was priced at $3,150,000, the lowest of the four “Rock the Block” season 4 homes, which all stand side-by-side along a cul-de-sac. Fans on Reddit noticed that this team’s home value had dropped to the back of the pack and were confused as to why this would be the case when they won the season 4 crown, however some other fans had theories as to how this happened.

“The winning house is less as it returns to a cul-de-sac that will eventually have houses and the view will be diminished,” one user commented, with another user adding in another thread, “It has the worst position on the street and is going to have a home in back of it.”

The Street the Houses Stand on Is Not Named After the Winners

As is tradition on “Rock the Block” the winners of the competition got to have the street that the competition took place on named after them, in this case, a sign reading “Michel & Anthony Ave.” was hung up at the end of the block, however as the houses have been listed ahead of being put up for sale, fans have noticed that this is not the street named listed. Instead the houses are all on Southwind Road in Berthoud.

“Why is the street named Southwind and not AntonyMicael? I thought getting the street named after you were one of the prizes?” one Reddit fan asked.

“Knew that would be a lie. Nobody going to spend 3+miles on a street name that cheesy. Southwind seems just corporate-y faux nature enough to be perfect,” one user responded.

“No, none of them kept the street name,” another respondent, referring to past seasons of the show also not keeping the winners’ names forever.

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