Home Improvement’s Patricia Richardson Clarified That Clip Of Tim Allen Flashing Her After Pamela Anderson Claimed The Same

Pamela Anderson is back in the headlines again thanks to the release of her impending memoir, titled Love, Pamelaand the Netflix documentary that will put a similar focus on her meteoric rise to fame, as well as her later life and many successes. An early excerpt from the book exploded this week, as Anderson claimed that the former Home Improvements co-star Tim Allen flashed his penis at her on the set. Allen denied everything, but things appeared newly murky after a video clip surfaced depicting the stand-up comedian lifting a kilt in front of co-lead Patricia Richardson. Now, the actress has responded and offered some clarification about what was happening.

The clip is actually one of Home Improvements‘s many blooper moments that regularly played out during each episode’s end credits. And it’s one that will possibly be familiar to those who watched the show with regularity during its ABC years. Allen’s character Tim Taylor is wearing a kilt, which Richardson’s Jill commented on, saying she wished it was shorter. That point is when Allen lifted the kilt, with only his co-star seeing what was underneath, as the studio audience howled.