Home improvement still high on families agenda

Apr. 7—Economic trends are keeping home improvement high on the agenda of area residents, said Raymond Builders Vice President Greg Wright.

The trend has continued since the mid-2010s but is especially strong right now due to economic issues.

“I think we are seeing, as interest rates increase, people are putting more money into their homes,” Wright said.

Forbes magazine highlighted numerous trends in the industry including more personalized space, more color in kitchens and a mix of indoor-outdoor space.

Wright said the popularity of outdoor landscaping and outdoor entertainment areas has grown. He said the home improvement industry in general has seen a steady increase in 2019.

Wright said many people are doing a lot of upgrading projects inside and outside their homes. He said many people are replacing vinyl siding with veneer and using stone to improve indoor fireplaces as well.

Hardscape landscaping is a popular trend as well, Wright said.

“The term ‘hardscapes’ includes patios, landscaped walkways, retaining walls, water features, fire pits, landscape lighting, grill surrounds, pergolas and any other custom-built feature for your outdoor living space,” states the landscape designer’s website.

Wright said the grills and retaining walls were especially popular. He said fire pits are very popular as well as people creating outdoor patios to entertain friends and family.

During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic a major supply chain issue occurred providing problems for people seeking supplies for home improvement projects. Many companies, and stores, were backed up for months.

Wright said that issue is no longer a problem. “We are not seeing any supply chain backups,” he said.