Creating a Cozy Home – French Country Cottage

Baby it’s cold outside might be true in February … but it can be warm and cozy inside when you set out to create a cozy home.

Cozy can feel warm and welcoming and much like a big wrap up in a chunky blanket while sipping hot tea by the fire. It seems to go hand in hand being mentioned with the whole farmhouse aesthetic that has been on repeat in recent years. But creating a cozy feeling in your home doesn’t have to mean decorating in a farmhouse style – it’s a feeling and you can achieve that with any decor style – even modern and minimalist decor.


Creating a cozy home is about what speaks to you and makes you feel like your home nurtures you. For me- cozy is all in the layers and details. I am a big texture kind of girl so I love layers of texture. Linen, chunky knits & velvet pillows-each of them are on the sofa almost daily and help to create a warm place to relax.

living room with vintage rug and cozy candles

A Warm Backdrop

Starting with a warm paint color on the walls, your room instantly feels full of warmth and coziness. I tend to stay with softer, neutral colors but in the cottage, those black bookcases add so much warmth. Don’t be afraid to embrace the color on the walls if that is what speaks to you.

Charcoal bookcases in cottage living room


Layers of lovely- one of my favorite things in design. And in a room, they are much like your wardrobe – you can bring in as many as you like and mix it up anytime too. If you start with a base layer that you love – your sofa for example – you can bring in the lovely with different pillows, throws and artwork to create a lovely little moment.

cozy Bedroom with pillows on settee

Bring on the pillows! Load up on pillows you can squish into and textures that speak your love language for a soft place to start the morning and land at the end of the day.


Choose the textures that speak to you- whether that is a waffle weave or chenille throw, velvet upholstery or nubby linens- it’s all about layering those textures to create a cozy feeling.

pillows on sofa

Natural Wood

Bring in some natural wood tones for a warm and welcoming look and feel.

wooden coffee table with candles and flowers


Of course, candles are a wonderful way to bring another layer of warmth too.


Let’s be honest, patterns have gotten a bad rap over the past few years. Again- that whole farmhouse look that has been on repeat for several years. But while we were in England last summer, I was pulled back to what first drew me to French Country style- color and pattern plays. I fell back in love with patterns -and layers upon layers of patterns. And so, there might be some of that coming back into the house this year.

cozy floral ticking stripes on bed

Add a favorite pattern or color to amp up the cozy factor. Checks, florals, stripes- all together and on repeat or in small doses. And bring in a rich, warm color for a simple welcoming base.


Another way to bring in cozy textures and patterns is with rugs. Rugs can be simple, faded and muted colors and styles or look more like a rich vintage burgundy red with traditional patterns, florals, one color, etc. Again- it is about choosing what speaks to you.

cozy home with basket of flowers on bench by bed

Vintage & New

I am always a fan of something old, something new in design. I tend to stay with larger pieces like the sofa and chunky upholstered chairs being new- and hard elements like tables, cabinets, etc. and accent pieces being vintage. Vintage pieces bring history and interest to a room. Chipping old paint, hand rubbed wood, needlepoint patterns, etc. all add a lovely charming feel that also nurtures the room.

Bring in vintage for character and warmth. Whether you choose a pair of vintage armchairs or just a pair of pillows for your new chairs, collected artwork, a vintage coffee table or antique rug underfoot – a touch of vintage adds a warm layer.

vintage floral chair in cozy attic

Potted Plants

Adding something fresh like potted plants & trees creates a lovely, welcoming feeling of being in nature inside.

Create a cozy plant corner. You don’t have to fill your whole home with plants (unless you want to) you can simply create a corner with a chair or table and a few plants to bring that feeling inside.

Lavender topiary

Fresh flowers

You know me. Fresh flowers will always be on the list of things I think every room deserves. And they are an indulgence that I feed often. But you can also create the same feeling of fresh flowers in your room with a beautiful faux arrangement as well. I will delve more into some of my favorite faux flowers in another post.

white flowers on table in cozy bedroom

Get the Look

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Coming your Way

For more on Cozy home decor- you can find that HERE. Stay tuned for more about English cottage style with several posts about some of our favorites- including an Aubusson pillows, checks and stripes, faux florals and more. Happy Monday all.