Cozy Winter Decor – French Country Cottage

January is one of those months that brings chilly winter temperatures outside and a whole lot of cozy touches inside. Cozy winter decor is a definite thing over here. Especially after the holiday decorations are full of so much ambiance- filling the house with warmth after the twinkle lights are packed away is key. While we all enjoy the clean slate a less busy house brings, it can tend to feel quite stark and lackluster. For lack of a better word.

Today is all about simple, easy and quick ways to warm up the house for winter.

Fairy Lights

Those fairy lights add so much magic to the house during the holidays- and you can enjoy them all year long. Add them to a firebox that isn’t being used. Put them on the mantel with some fresh eucalyptus, tuck them in the lanterns or on the shelves for a soft glow.

Cozy Throws

Cozy living room with candles

Bring out all the cozy, chunky, warm throws for an instant touch of warmth in the house. I love cable knits and big, yarn knitting throws for a lot of oomph without bold patterns but of course, whatever fits your best look is perfect.


On repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Candles are one of those things that you can’t really have too many of in winter. Place them on the coffee table, dining table, on the mantel, on your nightstand and by the bathtub. Anywhere you would like to enjoy their warmth and flicker is perfect. Just don’t leave real candles unattended and use LED for safety.

Candles on the coffee table

Natural Touches

I will do a whole blog post about natural winter decorating because there are so many wonderful natural touches. But for a quick idea think pine cones. You can add a pine cone wreath or a basket of chunky cones for a quick touch.

Pinecone wreath

Bring in Potted Plants

For warming up inside the house in winter- think about potted plants you have outside that might do well on a windowsill. I have geranium in clay pots in the kitchen and narcissus in pots in the living room window currently.

I also brought those potted olive trees inside again to enjoy.

Olive tree in living room

Faux Fur Rugs

Faux fur or sheepskin rugs are lovely on the floor as rugs- but they are also perfect on chairs to warm up the seats or backs.

Chairs by the Fireplace

Something fun that can instantly bring new life to a dreamy winter living room is to create a cozy spot to sit. Change the furniture arrangement a bit and place a couple of chairs near the fireplace. This is something I am actually contemplating in the living room – a cozy seating area with chairs rather than sofas. I will put together a vision board and share some thoughts on this soon – maybe a new look this year.

Chairs around the fireplace

Bring in some Velvet

I love velvet touches in the house. From pillows to throws to quilts on the bed. Always on repeat over here. Velvet brings a bit of a different feeling than those chunky knits and flax linen- and it always adds a little elegance.

Velvet quilt on bed


Bring on the pillows. There is nothing like sinking into a sofa or chair that is stacked with lots of cozy pillows to snuggle into.

Velvet pillows

In winter, I add extra pillows to the sofas in the living room at each end and a tip is to add pillows in various sizes and styles rather than just one. I will admit though- my always favorite pillows are always on the sofa even if mingling with others.

Sofa with pillows and mirrors behind it

Dried Wreaths & Arrangements

I love dried flowers and greens and they absolutely add beauty to winter decor. If you use magnolia or eucalyptus for Christmas decor- you can absolutely enjoy those greens much longer than the holiday season. This is an older photo but I have this same wreath even now years after it dried. It is mostly brown now- but just as beautiful. I love something fresh like a wreath that can be dried and enjoyed much longer.

Shop the Look

Velvet Pillows (the same as shown above stacked on the chair)

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Stay tuned for a little bit of the natural winter decorating I am working on in the house coming soon.