Construct CRM Launches First Completely Free Construction Management and Financing Software For All Home Improvement Trades

BOCA RATON and MIAMI, Fla., May 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Construct CRM by Pro Platforms, a construction management and financing software platform, has announced the launch of its free version of the platform. The platform includes CRM, project management, scheduling and dispatch, payroll tracking, contracts, invoices, and pre-sale and point of sale homeowner project financing.

The paid version of the platform is currently being used by contractors from all 50 states across 30+ trades, including HVAC, roofing, and remodeling. Since its launch this year, over $34 million in projects have been created, and over $14 million in invoices and proposals have been sent. Contractors can integrate the platform into their website and QuickBooks Online.

By using Construct CRM’s automation features, contractors can eliminate up to 20% of their manual process time by replacing outdated processes with its easy-to-use software, saving thousands of dollars in lost productivity per year, per employee. The platform’s scheduling and dispatch features allow contractors to assign multimedia punch lists to their employees and track their time on task via GPS, creating a project-based profit and loss report. Project-based accounting lets contractors see their labor costs and tag expenses and payments to optimize each project’s profitability.

In addition, Construct CRM’s financing features make it easy for contractors to offer home improvement financing to their customers, increasing ticket size and win rates. Construct CRM enables homeowners to retrieve their offers throughout the sales cycle of the project so that their odds of approval are always the highest, and the cost of financing is always competitive. The financing software also includes a free monthly credit report, Artificial Intelligence-powered credit coaching, and recommendations to improve credit or change project criteria like budgets to see more financing options. The platform supports every merchant-based lender in home improvement, including Wells Fargo, GreenSky, Service Finance, Foundation, and FTL, and contractors can add any other lender they work with within a day of signing up.

Contractors can even manage homeowners and improve their buying experience using a homeowner project management tool called HomeLynx that is included in the free subscription. HomeLynx lets homeowners interact with their contractor’s proposals, contracts, change orders, invoices, and an interactive project schedule. Every touchpoint on HomeLynx supports multimedia such as photos, videos, and documents like brochures.

Moreover, Construct CRM is launching exterior spatial measurement reports this summer for roofing, windows and doors, solar, siding, exterior walls, gutters, and hardscaping measurements.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the free version of our construction management and financing software,” said the CEO of Construct CRM. “Our goal is to help contractors streamline their processes and increase their profits. With the free version, we hope to empower even more contractors to take advantage of our software’s benefits and grow their business.”

Contractors nationwide across all trades can start using Construct CRM for free – no payment method required – at

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