14 Beautiful Vintage & Aubusson Style Rugs

Cozy and warm underfoot- and another layer of beauty in a room. Adding a rug to a seating area or hallway brings more than just a soft spot to walk on – it also brings charm and beauty to your home. While in most of my rooms, I tend to leave much of the floor the bare hardwood- in some places, beautiful aubusson rugs are perfection. And my most favorite kinds of rugs are vintage and antique or at least ones that have a vintage or antique look and feel. We explored all those beautiful pillows recently- and this week, it’s all about Aubusson style rugs.

Side note- when I first blogged about this rug and took this photo- we had just adopted Sweet Pea. We miss her so much.

Aubusson Rugs

Aubusson rugs are beautiful works of art. They are a flat, woven rug that has intricate details and patterns that are hand knotted – much like tapestry but in rug form. They often have beautiful medallions, florals and Traditional French Aubusson rugs can be quite expensive- but there are some less expensive options to get the look. You can also shop for them on places like Ebay to find one that speaks to you and is within your desired budget.

close up of rug

Bold & Beautiful

One of the things I love about this style of rug is that there are so many beautiful color and pattern options. I have a soft spot for anything floral pattern – so for me, the rugs covered in floral bouquets and sprays are perfection and I love the intricate borders and center medallions as well – they bring an elegant look and feeling.

With rich burgundy reds, greens, browns, blues, etc. you can bring in a bold, rich look to your room. I love darker rug colors on darker floors- it feels very moody and warm to me. And if you choose the lighter softer shades of yellows, blush, vanilla and neutrals- they are so pretty to lighten the look and add another layer in a neutral decorated room. It all comes down to personal preference and what you love.

Where to enjoy

anywhere! Aubusson rugs add beauty to any room. The living room, bedroom, hallway, office, kitchen – you name it. I have one in the attic in between the beds and have had them in the bedroom by the settee. I don’t generally have a large rug in the living room- I prefer the simplicity of the hardwood floors- but do occasionally get a wild hair and pull one of the rugs out to enjoy.

Aubusson rug in living room

These rugs are foldable- so easy to store. Though the larger ones are chunky and quite heavy all folded up so something to keep in mind if you don’t use a rug all year long. When we are back home and settled again- I am planning on pulling a couple of my larger rugs out for a bit of spring sunshine in the house.

Get the Look

I did a little shopping and found some traditional Aubusson style rugs along with some inexpensive options to get the look. And for more Vintage and vintage style rugs- you can find those in this post HERE.

Which is your favourite?