12 Beautiful Bathroom Decor Ideas

Brighten up your bathroom.

farmhouse bathroom with subway tile walls and plants as decor

Thinking about redecorating your bathroom but not sure where to start? We’ve got a gallery stacked with creative bathroom decorating ideas just for you. Before you buy, get inspired with the help of our 12 bathroom decor ideas.

coastal bathroom decorated with nautical elements

Adopting a theme for your bathroom decor is the number one way to ensure your bathroom looks and feels like a cohesive, polished space. If your style is beachy or coastal, try a palette of blues, greens, and sandy neutrals, and choose elements with marine or nautical inspiration, like the rope towel hanger and nautical mirror in the bathroom decor idea above. If you like glamour, install brilliant metallic accents around pops of jewel tones. Modern spaces are characterized by sleek lines and color blocking. To take on the farmhouse trend, build nature-inspired elements and quaint accents on an off-white base.

bright bathroom with geometric wallpaper installed halfway up the wall like wainscoting

Wallpapered bathroom walls don’t have to look old-fashioned. In fact, the right wallpaper can help uniquely modernize your space. If you’re sticking to a more modern theme, consider color-blocked wallpaper or wallpaper with geometric patterns. Floral wallpaper flows beautifully with farmhouse bathrooms, while striped wallpaper is a classic choice for coastal bathrooms. If you’re concerned bold wallpaper will overwhelm your space, install it halfway up your wall, almost like wainscoting.

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Real or artificial plants can transform even the plainest of bathrooms from basic to beautiful. Plants – including floor planters, hanging planters, or vases on the vanity – can immediately freshen up a space. Plus plants pair perfectly with almost every bathroom decor idea, so they’re an excellent choice if you’re struggling to fill the space.

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When decorating your bathroom, almost every element can provide an opportunity to add extra flair – even the shower curtain! Before you opt for the traditional, plain white shower curtain, think about whether your space could benefit from a little extra color or pattern. Shower curtains have large vertical surfaces that are amazing for displaying punchy patterns in a non-traditional way.

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Blanket ladders are one of the newest stylish storage trends, but despite their name, they aren’t just for blankets. They can be used for bathroom towels too! These straight, decorative ladders lean against the wall and hold linens on their rungs. Not only can they hold more towels and linens than the traditional wall-mounted towel rack, but because they don’t require installation, they won’t do any damage to your walls. Because towel ladders are available in a wide range of colors and designs, they can double as bathroom decor.

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Vertical space is some of the most valuable space in a bathroom, especially in a small bathroom. Rather than crowd your space by installing hefty cabinets or linen closets, think about furnishing your space with narrow linen storage units or leaning bookcases. These sleek, stylish units can hold all of your bathroom essentials without overwhelming your space.

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If you have an eye for all things modern, consider adopting a monochromatic color scheme with a full spectrum from white to black. Implement it on the wall art, the towels, the floor tiles, even the light fixtures. Monochromatic color schemes don’t just look good in black, white, and gray – pick your favorite color and decorate your bathroom with elements in different shades of that color.

When used sparingly, vibrant colors can make a huge impact on the overall look of your bathroom. Rather than painting a whole wall or a whole floor tile with brilliant colors, consider painting one section of one wall or using a tile pattern with one or two sporadic colors. Tie the room together by placing splashes of your chosen color, or colors, in different places around the room. For example, try accenting your bathroom with bright towels and wall art while leaving the rest of the room neutral.

A minimal theme is a gorgeous choice for a bathroom. Minimal decor can make any space look bigger, sleeker, and cleaner, which is especially impactful in smaller bathrooms. Consider hanging a simple, round vanity mirror, installing an unconventional vessel sink, and highlighting your space with other ultramodern fixtures and features.

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Redecorating your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to replace the ordinary with the extraordinary. Your bathroom light fixtures are a great place to start. Instead of installing plain light fixtures, think about installing one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping fixtures that will make your bathroom stand out. Eye-catching light fixtures look amazing in modern bathrooms, as you can see in the bathroom decor idea above.

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Like a shower curtain, a bath mat is an indispensable bathroom essential that you might overlook when thinking about decor. Bath mats can be the perfect vessels for bright colors and fantastic patterns, especially if your floors are plain in color or design.

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Subway tiling with contrasting grout is a trendy tile that can complement almost any bathroom theme. This bathroom decor idea marries retro inspiration with modern shapes and can work just as well on the floor or the walls! The dark grout adds compelling depth, while the white tiles provide a beautiful canvas for any color scheme, especially if you have a preference for pops of color.

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