10 ways to add spring sunshine to your home in just a few minutes

It is March 1st and I am definitely thinking spring over here. Especially after the recent storms and damage that we are sorting now. We are staying out of the area currently because of storms and damage- so it’s all about today’s favorites and 10 simple, easy and quick ways to add a bit of spring warmth and sunshine to your home.

10 Ways to Add Spring Sunshine

#1. Clip a Few Branches

Adding spring to the house can be as easy as wandering outside to clip a few branches with blossoms from the yard. Though these are mostly just leafy branches from a plum tree last spring- you can use whatever you have leafing out or blooming to create a similar look.

#2. Potted Plants from the garden

Potted plants don’t just look good on the patio or in the garden. Bring them indoors to create a simple organic centerpiece, decorate the entry or even the kitchen window.

#3. Flower filled table decor

Whether using real or faux- adding flowers to the table even when it isn’t being set for dinner or an occasion brings a burst of spring to your dining room.

#4. Bowls of Fruit

Add a chunky bowl filled with seasonal fruit to your coffee table, kitchen island or as a centerpiece in the dining room for an instant warm summer feeling. Think lemons, oranges, apples or grapes.

#5. Dried Flowers

Always a simple sweet way to add a touch of beauty to a room – dried flowers are easy to bring in into any space. Hang them on the wall, on a rack, from a rafter or pot rack- or from an old orchard ladder for instant charm. shop lavender Dried Flowers here

#6. Bring Greenery indoors

A few potted olive trees and topiaries brought indoors is a simple way to add a burst of spring greenery even if outdoors is looking like winter yet. These are real olive- but for realistic faux with no work- these Olive trees look beautiful and are well priced.

#7. Spring Clippings

Simple spring clippings from the garden are perfect for styling a sweet mantel display. This was created using camellia blooms in small bottles with stacks of books.

#7. A Plate Wall

This design came about when I was looking for something interesting to fill this wall years ago. As I scoured through artwork and other collections – I decided to try a different idea and placed a collection of mismatched plates on the wall around a vintage mirror.

#8. Blue & White Planters & Pottery

Always a favorite year round – but especially in spring when filled with beautiful blooms – blue and white pottery adds so much beauty wherever you place it.

#9. Floral Filled Bedding

Such a fun way to add a touch of spring in the bedroom- think floral filled sheets, duvets or throw pillows for a burst of spring sunshine.

#10. Basket of Faux Blooms

Such a simple and sweet way to add a touch of spring anywhere- without the worry. Faux flowers are so incredibly realistic these days that you can add them to your home anywhere and have people talk about if they are the real thing. One of my favorite ways to add them is with a touch of whimsy- such as in a tote on a bench or hanging on the wall. You can simply add a prearranged floral arrangement to a tote or basket- or use individual stems if you prefer.

More Faux Floral Ideas

One for the road- you can also shop the French Country Cottage Faux Florals at Balsam Hill- these two collections are perfect for bringing a burst of spring goodness into your home.

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