Unique & Charming Antique Work Bench Treasure

When I was growing up, I can remember my dad and grandpa working out in their workshops all the time. In the workshop my dad had, there was a rustic old wooden bench with lots of patina from over the years and I loved sitting on top of the bench to ‘help’ work on projects. My dad would give me scrap wood to cut with a hand saw, pound nails in and ‘build’ something fabulous while he worked on projects. I learned how to use tools early and watched how my dad built things and no doubt that helped me better learn how to do projects even now.

Antique Work Bench

green antique work bench

My grandfather had a workshop much like the one at our house. He had a built in old wood work bench full of the years of patina too along with cubbies full of nails, staples and everything and anything you can think of that you might need for projects around the house. You might remember this red and green vintage stool that I shared before. It was the stool my grandpa used in his workshop. When he passed and my mom and uncle were selling the house, I grabbed that stool because it reminded me of Gramps and how happy he was working in his shop to create something.

I have a certain soft spot for old antique work benches and stools. And while I love them in plain old simple natural wood- I do love a chippy painted version as well. And so, this green charmer caught my eye right away.

What is an Antique Work Bench

An antique work bench sounds much like it. A bench or table in a workshop where all kinds of work happens. Vintage and antique versions are usually simple construction or whatever was left over from projects. Some have drawers and cubbies, others are more rustic in design and are more like a table. You might find a lovely old zinc metal to protect the work surface. Oftentimes, they have an old vise attached and were often built into a garage wall so have an unfinished back. Modern versions are often simple metal construction and look more industrial.

tin top antique work bench

Where to Enjoy an Antique Work Bench

Dare I say – Anywhere. They really can be enjoyed anywhere you would like to place one. Inside the garage makes sense, but so does inside a shed or up against the outside of the house. They can be freestanding for a focal point, used in the kitchen as an island or even used as a charming table in the living room. The possibilities are endless.

Potting Table Benches

When I found this antique green bench- I instantly thought of using it in the greenhouse or potting shed. With the top zinc, I knew it would be perfect for potting or arranging flowers to enjoy in the house.

This has layers of old paint- there is a beige/pink paint underneath the green and some bare worn spots too.

close up of layers of paint on antique work bench

I love the extra deep drawers- they extend alllllll the way under the tabletop to the back of the bench. And those drawer pulls are so sweet.

large drawer on antique work bench
long skinny drawer on work bench

Underneath there is a large shelf for storage. Think garden pots, baskets and buckets, or stacks of linens if used in the house, etc.

bin pulls on work bench

On the top, the zinc is well loved. With all the usual dings and dents and marks from years of use. It has a small cutout where a vise once was which only adds charm to the original character.

tin top of work bench table

Where to Find an Antique Work Bench

I just bumped into this one- I wasn’t searching it but you can search online markets by looking for: Antique/vintage work bench, work table, old workshop table/bench, etc. and you might find some good options that pop up.

They are often marked very reasonable in price or even free. You may have to remove them from the garage yourself. Antique work benches with unique charm and character, old paint in coveted colors and drawers or cubbies and original details may cost more. Anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. Pay attention to construction for a clue if it is newly built to look old or is older. Nails, size of the wood, etc. all can offer clues. And if you follow my triple love rule- you will know that if you love it – just bring it on home! You can read more about the Triple Love Rule HERE.

Shop the Look

For a new bench you can custom paint or stain to look however you’d like. Sharing a couple of good options below. *affiliates

antique work bench inside greenhouse

What do you think of this antique bench? Would you have brought it home with you?

Happy Treasure Hunt everyone.