soaking up spring and our may/june magazine

Cover photo by Frederic Ducout

May is one of the busiest moments in my year. The garden needs attention, our MFCH Tours pick up speed and social life here gets busy again after the quieter winter.

My favorite time of the day is when I can finally sit and relax and flip through the MFCH Magazine. The May/June issue is a particular favorite of mine because it is full of beautiful homes and gardens around France in the springtime. Putting our magazine together every two months is rather like making a large, colorful cocktail. We always try to include the right blend of interiors, gardens, recipes and in-depth portraits. It is a privilege for me to have this place to showcase so much of what I love about France.

I’m particularly excited about the home featured on the cover. A mini chateau, renovated by designer Arthur van der Straeten, and a place that I’ll be visiting at the end of August with the clients on our Loire Tour.

I met Arthur at the end of last year, while on a shoot for our November magazine. He turned up at the chateau, with his dog, and we got chatting. He told me about his home, and I asked to see some photos and immediately realized that his house and garden would make an excellent subject for the magazine. Six months later, he is on our cover! Life is a series of happy encounters, you just need to keep your eyes open.

Check out the latest MFCH Magazine, available in both digital and print versions HERE. If you have already received your copy, I would love to hear which article was your favorite in the comments below!